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In December 2019, New Micron completed tens of millions of dollars of pre-A round of financing, led by Shaanxi Investment Growth Fund, and in June 2020, quickly closed a new round of financing, led by Anfeng Venture Capital.

At SemiconChina2020, New Micron (Suzhou) Semiconductor Technology Co., Ltd. released 450mm (18-inch) 11 9 purity semiconductor-grade monocrystalline silicon rods.

New Micron released 450mm (18-inch) 11 9 purity semiconductor-grade monocrystalline silicon rods in the international are of leading significance, on behalf of independent research and development of wafers a big step forward, 18-inch wafers is the trend, but still facing the pressure of cost and technology.

By 2020, the share of 12-inch wafers rose to about 80%, the share of 8-inch wafers fell to about 8%, and 6-inch and below fell to about 2%.

450mm semiconductor monocrystalline silicon rods using the most advanced international MCZ technology, on behalf of the international advanced level, to change the domestic situation of no independent 450mm semiconductor-grade monocrystalline silicon rods, will be in the 28nm following the fab to achieve domestic substitution in the semiconductor fab autonomy, play an important role.

The success of the development of this project, the significance of domestic chip manufacturing in this part of the mountain can be completely free from the limitations of overseas manufacturers, and can also significantly reduce costs, so that the future price of domestic chip prices can be more affordable, can benefit consumers.

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